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The best Endpoint Backup Solution for small and medium enterprises

Ferro Backup System™ (FBS) is a professional, network backup system intended for small offices and large corporations and institutions alike. It allows you to protect data stored at desktops, laptops and network file servers operating under Microsoft Windows®, Novell NetWare®, Linux, MacOS.

Network data backup system - Backup from all devices connected to a LAN
Complete Backup, Replication and Recovery solution based on client-server architecture

With Ferro Backup System™ it takes just moments to backup data of critical importance for your company’s operations, which is stored on computers connected to a LAN.

  • From 60% to 80% of critical data are stored on office computers and laptops
  • 90% of laptops and office computers never have their data backed up

Fast Parallel Backup
Thanks to techniques used such as delta backup, differential backup, compression at desktop level, symmetric multiprocessing, Ferro Backup System enables you, in a very short time, to make copies of files from all computers connected to the LAN.
Low Costs Solution
Ferro Backup System requires no expensive server, server version of the operating system or tape drives. As data compression is done at desktop rather than server level, an ordinary cheap PC with a bigger hard drive can be used as a backup server.
Fail-safety & Auto-resume backup process
If connection is lost, backup processes will be stopped and resumed after the connection is re- established, without the need for any administrator involvement.
Quick Implementation
To use the Ferro Backup System, you don’t need to change anything in the current setup of the computer network, servers and office computers. Ferro Backup System is completely independent of existing services, account settings and protections.

No maintenance
The automatic freeing of disk space combined with an alert module which sends an e-mail to the administrator on any possible errors and warnings, limits the need for constant supervision of the program.
Transparent backups
Backup is done in the background and is invisible to the company’s ordinary employees.
Comfort Backup & Restore
The Administrator doesn’t need to worry about the date of the last full backup and about when and how many differential backups have been executed. Ferro Backup System takes control over data recovery from differential backups and displays their content the same way as for full backups.
Open File Backup
The Open File Manager option embedded in Ferro Backup System allows backup of open system files and files locked by other processes.
Backup Copy of the Operating System
Ferro Backup System allows you to make a backup of the entire operating system and restore it, at a later time, without the need to re-install.
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