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Network Backup & Restore Software Solution for SMBs
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The best Network Backup Solution for desktops, laptops and servers

Ferro Backup System™ provide backup, snapshot, archive, recovery, bare machine recovery and disaster recovery capabilities. It can help protect data on systems of all sizes, including physical and virtual machines, file servers, database servers, desktops and laptops.

Licenses are sold in 5 different packages for 5, 10, 30, 50 or 100 computers. If you need a different number of licenses, ask for a quote.

Every package includes 1 license for the FBS Server control module and 5, 10, 30, 50 or 100 licenses for the FBS Worker client. So for instance, the "30 computers" package includes software to back up 30 computers (1 FBS Server license and 30 FBS Worker licenses).

Ferro Backup System™ 4

Backup solution for workstations, laptops and servers

Number of computers       
How many computers do you want to backup?

Each computer is counted in the same way, regardless of its role on the network. It can be a desk computer, a laptop, a file server, a database server. It can be a physical or a virtual machine.
Pro Package (option)       
Do you need extra features?

This supplemental package extends the functionality of the Ferro Backup System. It includes:
Technical Support       
Would you like to have technical support?

We encourage you to purchase technical support at least for the first year of use. Paid support packages will save you plenty of time.

Support provides you with access to Ferro Software experts, to help you address problems encountered with the development, deployment and management of our software in business environments.

Total:  ---      

Available payment methods           

To buy a license, click Proceed to Checkout and fill out the order form. We will send you a key to unlock the software along with installation instructions and invoice. Orders are processed securely by our trusted e-commerce partner - Digital River (shareit.com).

A license entitles you to:
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For any questions concerning our products, ordering or technical issues, please call us or contact us via the Internet using the contact form.
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