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Main features of the network backup system

Ferro Backup System™ 6

Full backupbackup system option availableThe most basic backup method. All selected drives, folders or files are backed up each time.
Incremental/differential backupbackup system option availableOnly files which have been modified since the last full or incremental backup will be included. This ensures faster backups and saves disk space.
File fragment differential backupbackup system option availableImproved incremental/differential backup. This saves even more space on the backup drive and ensures even faster backups. It is particularly useful when backing up large files (e.g. databases, mail files), because only modified file fragments are included in the backup archive.
Open file backupbackup system option availableFiles locked by other processes can be backed up. Using this function it is possible to back up e.g. a database file (without shutting down the database server), system files (register), mail files etc. More
Operating system backupbackup system option availableHere you can make a backup copy of a working operating system and restore it later on without the need to reinstall. This has the same effect as a backup created using disk or partition image software. More
Database and mail files backupbackup system option availableThis makes it possible to make backups of database files without shutting down the database server and to back up large mail files during work time. More
Rotating backupsbackup system option availableThis ensures that you will never run out of disk space for your backups. There is a choice of how many backups should be stored and for how long. After a set period of time has elapsed, the oldest backups will be progressively deleted.
Restore as from a full backupbackup system option availableThis option simplifies data searching and restoring. The user “sees” differential/incremental backups as full ones.
Backup and transfer encryptionbackup system option availableBacked-up information can be encrypted using Rijndael(AES), Serpent or Twofish encryption engines. Data is encrypted at workstation, which means it is already secure when transferred to the backup server. More
Compression at workstationbackup system option availableData is backed up and compressed at workstations so that the processing power of all of the company’s PCs can be used and less data is transferred over the network, so any PC with a large hard disk can be used as a backup server.
Backup replicationbackup system option availableBackups can be automatically duplicated from the backup server to another network location, another hard disk, NAS or SAN, FTP server, optical device (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD), tape device (streamer, tape library, autoloader) or online storege (cloud)
Automatic updatesbackup system option availableThe software is automatically updated on all computers of the System.
Centralized controlbackup system option availableThe entire system can be controlled from a single location.
Automated backup tasksbackup system option availableOnce configured, the System can work in the background. No need for continuous supervision
Transparent backupsbackup system option availableBackups are performed in the background and do not affect users.
Backup on system shutdownbackup system option availableThe majority of failures occur during power up. Backups can be performed when the user shuts the system down.
Simultaneous backupsbackup system option availableDuring backups, the processing capabilities of all computers are used, so multiple PCs can be backed up at the same time.
Administrative alertsbackup system option availableIn the case of a failure, the operator will be notified by email.
Open-end architecturebackup system option availableThe possibility to run external programs, scripts or batch files on the backup server and on remote computers using Local Commands and Remote Commands.
Reportsbackup system option availableReports contain data which summarise the progress of back-up, information on the outstanding back-up tasks and statistics.

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