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Ferro Backup System 4.5 introduces virtual machine backup

12 January 2015 - Ferro Software issued a new version of its backup software - Ferro Backup System 4.5 - which support VMWare virtual machine backups.

Version 4.5 supports backups of virtual machines running under the VMWare vSphere (ESX) hypervisor. The system performs backups of both stopped and running virtual machines. No software needs to be installed on the host or on the virtual machines. Backups are performed by a client running on any computer in the network. Backups can be full or incremental on a file fragment differential basis (delta).

The newest version of the software also includes several minor fixes and upgrades. Those include mainly replication, backup verification, transmission error detection and support for the newest versions of the Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers.

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Ferro Backup System supports VMWare virtual machine backups
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