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Ferro Backup System 3.5 with unique copy on write technology

16 August 2011 - FERRO Software launched a new version of the network data backup system, the Ferro Backup System.

In version 3.5, one of the most important program components responsible for backup of open and locked files has been redesigned and re-implemented. Previously, when executing backup copies of large files, such as mail client files, database files or virtual machine files, the program would suspend the save to disk process to obtain a consistent copy.

In the new version, the program uses copy on write technology, which allows a coherent file image to be created without suspending the process. A driver has been built specially for this solution, which, upon detecting a write operation, reads primary data from the disk and then allows new data to be written. This way the program using the file can continue to run smoothly, while the Ferro Backup System is conducting backup.

The unique advantage of this solution is that it is totally independent of the VSS service, requires no extra disk space and does not reduce the operating system's efficiency. The reason is that the driver responsible for copy on write is dynamically installed only when needed, and data copies are sent directly to the backup server. Consequently, the Ferro Backup System can produce a consistent backup copy of locked files even where the only alternative would be to shut the program down or turn off the service using the file.

The Ferro Backup System is a data backup system based on client/server architecture, intended to make backup copies of data stored on computers connected to LAN. It is meant mainly for small and medium companies, as well as for state administration offices.
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Copy on Write backup technology
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