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Rules for cooperation and distribution of Ferro Backup System™

Who is the Ferro Backup System program distribution offer aimed at ?
The majority of clients interested in the Ferro Backup System™ are companies and institutions which don't have their own IT departments or IT specialists. There is usually one person within the firm who is responsible for matters related to computer equipment, software and data backup, but this is usually an unqualified person for whom IT is just one of many duties. It is difficult for such a person to select and implement a system such as FBS. The majority of such companies therefore turn to outside companies for their IT needs, or to 'trusted shops' which are able to help them choose the right product, get it up and running, and service it if need be. If your company provides this type of IT services, our offer is for you.

Principles of distribution
The Ferro Backup System™ is licensed on the SHAREWARE principle. This means that the version available on our website is the complete, fully functional program. This unregistered version (without the licence key) has only one limitation: no more than two computers can be connected (backup copies of two PCs can be made).
For distributors, selling the program in this way brings a number of advantages. First of all, the program can be pre-tested or demonstrated at your shop or at the client's premises at no cost.

The unregistered version of the program, together with its specifications, instructions and diagrams, can be made freely available on your website or on CD/DVD. You can copy any of those materials only for the purpose of promoting the Ferro Backup System. You cannot introduce any changes to the materials without the written consent of FERRO Software.

Potential clients
All companies and institutions in which there are at least several computers connected in a local network need a backup system. Our current clients include state administrative departments, banks, and manufacturers.

Prices and commissions
We offer a 35 per cent commission on each licence sold!

The Ferro Backup System is sold in 5 basic packages of 5, 10, 30, 50 and 100 licences. The package prices are available on the Orders and Quotations for resellers and distributors page of our website. You determine the retail price your customers pay.

Technical support
If you have any questions regarding the installation or service of our system, you can receive professional help by internet. Your customers will also receive technical support from us, just as if they were our direct customers.

You can start selling right now!
You can begin distributing our software right away. All you need do is visit the Orders and Quotations for resellers and distributors page, calculate the price and place an order on behalf of your client.

Your proposals for cooperation
If you have another idea for redistributing our software, or if you would like to propose some other form of cooperation, we would like to hear from you.

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Rules for cooperation and distribution of Ferro Backup System
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