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Ferro Backup System™ is a cutting edge backup system which does not make use of tape storage. For many reasons this is much more economical and ensures faster backup and restore. See below for excerpts from a comparison between tape backup systems and hard disk backup systems.

Hard disks instead of tape drives? The University of Tübingen shows the way.
"[...] Tape drive systems are haunted by very mundane issues, one of which is the limited number of streamers per system. If all streamers are in use and there is a restore request, either it will take infinity to process (and if you watch something happen, it usually takes even longer) or you can just cancel an existing backup. Not to mention the time it takes to change tapes and rewind them to the exact spot you need.

Other weak links include the backup server – or simply put, the tape control unit – and the automated tape changing system. If either of those fails, you can say you’re out of luck. In an IDE system, you can immediately disconnect a failing node and focus all your attention on it. "

Patrick Schmid

Translated by:
Patryk W¹sowicz

Tom's Hardware Guide

Perpendicular, not longitudinal. Terabytes are coming.
“Perpendicular recording is a technology soon to change the world of hard drives. It will mean we will see disks even ten times bigger than the current ones. [...] It seems that soon all hard drive makers will switch to parallel recording, so we can probably expect to see a 5 terabyte drive in 2012.

Marek Budny

CHIP magazine No. 09/2005

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