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Ferro Backup System™ 2.1.5 offers new, expanded functions and easy data backup ability.
Bystra, March, 21 2005 - The FERRO Software group released version 2.1.5 of Ferro Backup System, thanks whom in an easy way importand data in a company can be protected.

Ferro Backup System is a data archivization system that works in a client-server architecture, designed to make files backup stored in office PCs, mobile PCs and servers working under Windows, NetWare and Linux. The system is proper either for small offices or large concerns and corporations.

The new version of Ferro Backup System 2.1.5 was widely remodernized. Added: Rotation copies possibility and automatic hdd space freeing option. It, along with the new alerts module sending infos (e-mails) to administrator about possible dangers, frees the administrator from instant monitoring over the archivization process.
Thanks to the new Connection-Cache function, which buffors the process of sending data to server and improvement of a search-file algorythm, achieved huge increase of backup speed in the same time with decreasing network overloading.

The new version serves bigger comfort in work by adding an option which allows setting maximum processor usage by an application. Archivization process is now entirely invisible for common user.
Increase of quality using the app can be felt also by administrator. It's because in the new version the refresh speed of remote PC's folders-tree was also increased. There's also a cute function allowing immediate cancellation of current archivization tasks.

Even though many new options were added, thanks to major code optimalization, the software size installed on workstations was able to become very small (115 KB). Thanks to this, the Ferro Backup System now can easily be used also to archivize data from older PCs working under, still very popular in polsh firms, Windows 95 system.

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Ferro Backup System™ 2.1.5 offers new, expanded functions and easy data backup ability.
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