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The new version of data archivization system - Ferro Backup System 2.2
Bielsko-Biala, July 15, 2005 - The FERRO Software group informed about releasing the Ferro Backup System 2.2 - data archivization system designed to protect the computers connected to LAN network.

In this new version the system has been suited to work on PCs with active Terminal Services, what improved stability of administrative module. The new operation has been provided - "Backup all", which makes immediate backup of all PCs connected to LAN. There has also been added an algorithm detecting network failures and informing the administrator about major loss of data transmission speeds.

Ferro Backup System is a polish product created mainly for polish companies, in which very often are yet used PCs of mid 90s. The system is unique for its very small needs either of operating system or hardware. Administrative module does not require very expensive server operating system nor tape drives. Whereas client side software installed on PCs designed to archivization (office PCs, notebooks, file servers) require only the PC with 486 DX processor, 12 MB of RAM and Windows 95 operating system.

Ferro Backup System is available in three packages: including licences for 5 or 10 or 30 workstations. The prizes are respectively: 390 €, 590 € i 1290 €. You can buy the Ferro Backup System through: www.ferrobackup.com
An update for the application for registered users of ealier editions is free of costs.

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The new version of data archivization system - Ferro Backup System 2.2
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