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Encryption and blocked files backup are going to be provided in the newest version of Ferro Backup System
Bielsko-Biala, August 31, 2005 - The FERRO Software group informed about testing the newest version data backup system - Ferro Backup System 2.4.

Ferro Backup System 2.4 is to be released in september. It will include two features which so far are met only in rare, external archivization systems.

The first one allows the archivization of opened files, meaning these, which are blocked by other processes currently working in system. During tradicional (usual) archivization the blocked files are ignored. Thus the file backup copies may not contain important data. The most usual blocked files are database and system files. The newest Ferro Backup System offers data backup of each and every kind of file, including the blocked ones.

Another newest feature is the encryption of archived data. There are three currently considered as the best encryption algorithms available: Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish. Similar as during compression, the encryption is realised through computer side, on which the files resides. It means the backup copies are protected even during their transmission through network. It's important because wireless WLAN networks are used more and more often. It's well known that wireless networks are less secure than cable. The encryption method used in the newest app version makes reading the archive data impossible for hackers.

Ferro Backup System is available in three packages: including licences for 5 or 10 or 30 workstations. The prizes are respectively: 390 €, 590 € i 1290 €. You can buy the Ferro Backup System through: http://www.ferrobackup.com/
An update for the application for registered users of ealier editions is free of costs.

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Encryption and blocked files backup are going to be provided in the newest version of Ferro Backup System
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