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The third edition of the network backup system - Ferro Backup System
Bystra, August 29, 2008 - FERRO Software have just released the third edition version of their backup system for servers, office computers and portable computers - Ferro Backup System.

Ferro Backup System is based on client-server architecture and protects computers working in a network. Backups can include selected files and folders or entire hard disks. In the case of a failure it is possible to restore backed up information or the entire operating system including installed applications.

The new version features a module creating reports and statistics, which makes the monitoring of backup operations easier. Available reports include reports on the overall current backup situation, reports on missed and delayed backup tasks and statistics on backup speeds and sizes for individual computers. All reports can be viewed from the new control console, sent to designated email address or uploaded to a web server. Ferro Backup System 3 also supports backups from FTP servers and backups to optical media: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

In addition to software improvements, several changes have been made to the license agreement. Starting from version 3.0 an unregistered copy can be used to back up two computers rather than just one like previously. In addition, non-commercial use of the unregistered version is free.

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The third edition of the network backup system - Ferro Backup System
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