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Ferro Backup System 3.4 with script support and direct data recovery
October 29, 2010 - FERRO Software has released a new version of its servers, desktop and laptop backup solution - Ferro Backup System 3.4.

Ferro Backup System operates within a client/server architecture and helps secure computers connected to a network. Backups may include individual files and folders or the entire hard drive In case of failure, it allows the restoration of the backed-up data and the operating system with installed software.

The new version features over 40 updates and improvements. The major addition is an advanced extension of the server program functionality using scripts. This is similar to script support engines embedded in web browsers. Scripts run under the FBS Server may change the behaviour of the program itself and may also be run on the operating system's components such as: file system, register or WMI extensions. The program comes with an integrated programming environment (IDE) to edit and test the code. FBS Server supports all script languages compatible with Microsoft ActiveX Scripting technology, e.g.: Java Script, VBScript and PHP Script.

Another major addition to version 3.4 is the possibility to recover data directly to the workstation. Data recovery is performed through an internal communication channel between the Server and the client using the TCP/IP protocol. As data are recovered locally by the client software, it is even possible to restore files which are currently in use. This way it is possible not only to restore the user's data but also the programs being run or the operating system's components.

Other changes worth mentioning include an improved server control panel load speed, a search engine to look for files in archives, a new report offering a global view of backup tasks and a new network resources management panel. Other changes improve the operating comfort and eliminate errors detected in previous versions of the program.

Ferro Backup System is available in packages for 5, 10, 30, 50 and 100 stations. The price of the smallest package is $150 and the largest costs $1.300. In the unregistered version, it enables the backup of 2 work stations (for non-commerical purposes). The program can be purchased at http://www.ferrobackup.com/

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Ferro Backup System 3.4 with script support and direct data recovery
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