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"Computer does not work! How to recover lost data and reactivate Windows." - a new book about computer data security
Bielsko-Biala, May 18, 2006 - It's our pleasure to inform, that "HELP" Publishing house released a new book by Bogdan Krzymowski entitled "Computer does not work! How to recover lost data and reactivate Windows." The book describes widely concerned subject of computer data security. Author, using user-friendly style shows to reader many threats, which could have led to data loss, ways to protect against them, then if a damage happen how to recover lost data.

Chapter 4.4 "Data backup copy" has been etirely focused on data backup system Ferro Backup System: "Although the name sounds unfamiliar it's a polish programe, and to be honest it's a system designed to make computer data archives & backups based on client - server architecture. It means that the programe can be used in computer networks of different sizes ..."

We join to author's appeal: "Be smart before damage!", we invite to a lecture and to systematic making of data backup copies.

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Computer does not work! How to recover lost data. Archivization and data backup
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