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The fourth edition of Ferro Backup System published

After almost five years, FERRO Software launched the fourth version of the network data backup system, the Ferro Backup System.

Ferro Backup System 4 includes more than 20 improvements and fixes. The most important improvements concern the central control console. The new edition includes web interface, which can be accessed through an Internet browser. This improvement helps administrators manage the backup system by a remote computer or tablet. It also allows multiple administrators to use the program and offers three levels of access protection: administrator, operator and observer.

Version 4 introduces tape library and autoloader support. The native service of these devices in Windows was ended with the Server 2008 R2 version. The new Ferro Backup System supports streamers in all Windows versions, including the latest Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1.

Other improvements concern the presentation layer of backup tasks, reports and new administrative alerts. The new version also provides improved efficiency and stability of the backup server. The installation package has been reduces from 4.1 MB to 1.8 MB.

Ferro Backup System works in the client/server architecture and allows to protect computers connected to the computer network. Backup may include files and directories or entire hard disk drives. In case of breakdown, it enables to recover backup data and the operating system with installed programs.
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Ferro Backup System 4: web console, tape library and autoloader support
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