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Ferro Backup System 3.1 with tape drive service
Bystra, February 10, 2009 - The FERRO Software company announces a new version of its software for backing up servers, office computers and laptops the Ferro Backup System.

The Ferro Backup System works within the client/server architecture and enables computers connected to a computer network to be secured. Backups can cover specific files and folders or an entire hard disk. In an emergency, the program makes it possible to recover archived data as well as the entire operating system with its installed programs.

In the new version, duplication to tape drives (a streamer) has been introduced. This involves copying archives from the server to another location. Up to now, the Ferro Backup System provided duplication on network disks, FTP servers and optical drives. Version 3.1 provides the added possibility of copying backups to tape drives which, despite the ever-increasing capacity of hard drives, are still commonly used in backup systems. The Ferro Backup System is compatible with all of the most popular types of tape drive: DDS, DLT, LTO.

Version 3.1 also includes a number of small enhancements which increase the program's productivity and make administrators' work easier, as well as a series of improvements which eliminate bugs present in previous versions.

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