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Article reference: FS-FBS-20160625-I01
Last revision: 11 April 2017
Version: 1.3

Docker-based Ferro Backup System launch under Linux and OS X

The article discusses how to install and run backup server or client in Linux or Mac OS X environments, using Docker containerisation platform.

Container Docker software installation is easier than traditional direct Linux and OS X installation. Solution offers additional feature isolating programme from other applications running on single work station and enables easy migration of installed and configured application to other computer units.

Learn more about Linux installation without Docker containers here. Installation for Windows environments: here. You can use instructions from this article to run application on NAS server. However, detailed information about its installation on QNAP drives and Synology drives are covered in separate articles.


To run the applications, you need:
  • Intel x86 CPU work station
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, SUSE, openSUSE, ASUSTOR and other distributions) or Mac OS X

Docker engine installation

Before installation of the application on host-computer (hereinafter referred to as: host), the container managing Docker Engine must be installed. In most distributions downloading, installation and startup of Docker Engine means execution of instructions:

sudo apt-get install docker-engine
sudo yum install docker-engine

Learn more about Docker Engine installation here: Linux, Mac OS X

Application installation

Backup server
If the host will be used as backup server, execute the command below to download, install and run server programme (FBS Server):
docker run --name FBSServer --hostname BACKUPSERVER --restart=always --net=host -v /Public/fbs:/fbs ferro/backupsystem FBS_Server

Backup server installation notes:

If you want to backup host resources with the application, execute the command below to download, install and run client (FBS Worker):
docker run --name FBSWorker --hostname NASSERVER --restart=always -v /Public/fbs:/fbs -v /:/host ferro/backupsystem FBS_Worker

Client installation notes:
  • To configure or modify target backup server, open "/Public/fbs/app/FBSWorker.ini" file in text editor and enter the IP address or server network name in the "HOST" line, e.g.:
    After saving changes and restarting the container, FBS Worker automatically connects to the specified backup server.
  • Above-mentioned "Volume from host" can be backed up by using Z:\host folder or subfolder

Backup server and client
If the application is intended for both functions (the backup server and the computer backup solution), execute the command below:
docker run --name FBS --hostname NASSERVER --restart=always --net=host -v /Public/fbs:/fbs -v /:/host ferro/backupsystem

Applied docker run command parameters are described below:
  • --name friendly name of container, e.g. FBS or FBSServer
  • --hostname friendly network name, e.g. BACKUPSERVER or FBSSERVER
  • --restart=always programme container will be automatically run at host startup
  • --net=host the container will be able to use TCP ports
  • -v /Public/fbs:/fbs volume from host "/Public/fbs" will be available for programme container as Z:\fbs. Application will be able to save settings and archives directly into host files (in /backup directory), not in container. Saving archives outside the container is faster and enables host-level archives management.
  • -v /:/host root directory from host will be available for application as Z:\host. Using this parameter enables backup client service reading all files from host (FBS Worker)


After running the command above, programme will be installed and ready to work.

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Docker-based Ferro Backup System launch under Linux and OS X
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